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Terms and Conditions

Term & Conditions
Please Review
Measurement appointment/ 3D apappointment (hereinafter “DESIGN APPOITMENT”)
INA Media INC dba INA Kitchens (hereby as INA Kitchens)

3D rendering & Measurement  Appotment
1. Home Owner/ cleint can cancel the up to 24 hours THE DESIGN APPOITMENT with no penalty.
2. If Home Owner/ cleint is to cancel the DESIGN APPOITMENT within 24 hours, Home Owner/ cleint agree to pay penalty of $250 to INA Kitchens.
3. If DESIGN APPOITMENT is canceled after Measurement was made and occurred Home Owner/ cleint is to pay the full amount on the service.

Buyer shall purchase products from INA Media INC dba INA Kitchens (hereby as INA Kitchens) on a pre-paid basis. INA Kitchens accepts all major credit cards, business checks, cash, debit card, wire transfer (a 3% convenience fee applies to all credit card transactions). INA Kitchens does NOT accept personal checks for tax exemption accounts. INA Kitchensdoes NOT accept check without PO box or physical address printed on the check. Any collection fees, legal fees, and bank fees will be paid by the buyer if the full-face value of the credit card charge or check charge had been charged back. All terms stated in here are conditioned to changed or amended at any time.  
Buyer shall examine material upon receipt. If any shortages or damages are discovered upon delivery, buyer must make a notation for damage and/or shortage on the bill of lading with a representative from the carrier present before accepting the order. INA Kitchens cannot be responsible for a loss or damage if buyer gives the carrier a clean and clear receipt. All claims for shortage, damaged merchandise or improper delivery must be made in writing and INA Kitchens must be notified within three days from the delivery date. All sales are final and there will be no refunds or returns for shortage, damaged merchandise or improper delivery on the fourth business day from delivery date. Returned merchandise will not be accepted without the prior approval of INA Kitchens. Authorized returned merchandise must be in unopened cartons and in re-saleable condition as determined by INA Kitchens and written returned merchandise authorization (RMA/RMO) is required for any return. Buyer shall understand that there is a minimum 25% restocking charge for all returned goods (must be in sealed box in original conditions) and any additional freight charge will be charged to the Buyer. Previously Installed or assembled cabinets may not be returned and INA Kitchens reserves the right to deny any returns deemed unacceptable. Product returns are not allowed after 3 days from purchases. If an item is refused when delivered by a commercial shipping company for any reason other than damaged merchandise or shipping error by INA Kitchens, the item shall be treated as a return and a 25% restock charge will be applied. Any additional charge or freight will be charged to the Buyer. Special order merchandise is not returnable. All Cabinets are subject to shade variation. No refund will be given if merchandise is/was assembled or previously installed.
We reserve the right to discontinue, alter, or redesign products at any time.


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